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Stylish footwear even when you're not in the field - LaCrosse stevenson boots

By Ian Harford

I've been having so much fun with my new LaCrosse Silencer 6" boots recently that I've been neglecting the others!

In addition to the Silencer, LaCrosse have also sent me a pair of Alphaburly Sport Side Zip wellies and also a pair of Stevenson casual boots.

Whereas the wintry conditions have been perfect for the Silencer and Alphaburly Sport, it's not really been casual boot weather. I've even been wearing the Silencer to go to the shops!

However, now Christmas is out of the way, my hectic schedule of meetings has returned, so what better chance than to show off my smart new boots J

The Stevenson is unique to LaCrosse Europe, and compliments their range of high quality hunting and equestrian boots.

The Stevenson has sued leather uppers, and a wedge rubber sole. The 'antique brass' coloured lace hooks and eyelets contrast nicely with the light tan suede, and are as sturdy as their field boot counterparts.

Unlike many other 'sports type' casual boots, the Stevenson's sole doesn't have deep tread, but rather shallow 'wave' type contours.

For a casual boot I really like this feature, as it means you don't end up bringing half of the countryside into the house as you can actually wipe your feet! J

Unlike the Silencer, the Stevenson is not waterproof and is clearly designed as a stylish and comfortable boot for general wear.

However, with the lightweight suede upper and flexible rubber sole, I could also see myself using the Stevenson as my safari boot next time I head to Africa!

LaCrosse are currently is discussions with a number of leading distributors with a view to launching both their stylish European and products from their Realtree patterned US hunting range in 2011.

Check out the LaCrosse Europe and LaCrosse US websites and let us know which boots you'd like to see here in the UK.

Watch this space for more developments as they happen!

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