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Hog hunting with dogs

Hog hunting with dogs, Brazilian style!

By Hunter_243

Hello my friends!

This is the first story I wrote after being appointed foreign correspondent of the WHH!

I know I owe some stories of hunting for you, but I've been really busy with my work tasks.

Well, last Saturday I was invited by some friends to accompany a hunt with dogs. It was a good opportunity to follow two packs of dogs trained to hunt hogs and to share that experience with you all.

I left early, at 4:30 am, along with my friend Cassiano and his pack of 10 dogs, and we travel about 140 km to the property of a farmer who was having problems with the hogs. There we met with 6 other hunters and a pack of ten dogs. A lot of dogs was necessary, since we were hunting in an area of ??approximately 500 hectares of maize. A part of the planting had already been taken but there were still many corn stalks.

Overview of the region where there was the hunt

At 07:00 pm my friend Cassiano and I were already positioned and let out the dogs. Combine the other pack would be released from the other side of corn and other hunting would at strategic locations along the crop. I was using my HK semi-auto 12 gauge and my friend took a Smith Wesson revolver cal. 44 Magnum. Not yet 15 minutes had passed when the dogs found the first hogs.

There were five hogs that ran in all directions. The dogs caught a large hog and my friend Cassian used his knife to take him down. I dropped another hog with my HK. The other hogs fled.

On the other side of the plantation, the other hunters and their dogs also toppled two hogs.

At 11:00 am, I dropped another hog that was hidden in a bush near the cornfield. My friend and their dogs also knocked another one!

Afterwards, we eat a delicious barbecue and rest of the afternoon. Our final bill appears in photo.

Whole class of hunters slept on the farm and the next day very early we went to another farm to try to overthrow more hogs.

The next day the weather was not great but it was better that way because we would not be tired at home.

In this day we do not cut down many hogs but we still found eight hogs and dogs caught everyone off.

This hog I put down with my HK 12 gauge

Well friends, here ends this story and I hope to share more stories soon!

For Those About to HOG we salute you!!!

Hunter_243 WHH International Correspondent

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