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Hunting-a part of the very basis of our existence

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Through the ages as you understand hunting and fishing has been a part of the very basis of our existence. To many of us, even today hunting and fishing constitutes a vital proportion of our livehood and well-beeing, I can`t survive without proteines. In previous years, much of the blubber was dumped on the sea. But this has no canged given the posibility to exportation.

I know you don`t like it,but The Norwegian government announced that it would permit export of Mink whale products. The final preporation for the resuption of trade are now beeing finalised. These include a final quality check of a DNA-register to trace the whale products in trade and the specific rules governing trade. Mike, you fear uncontrolled hunting. But uncontrolled hunting is not the imminent danger to the NORWEGIAN hunting traditions,(you should know this as a member) because the stocks are closely monitored by the international bioliogist and scientists.

Hunting quotas as I mentioned and seasonal protection schemes etc. are implemented on the basis og expert advice in order to ensure sustainable utilisation of the stocks. I belive without doubt, the POLLUTION poses the greatest danger to the whalstock. Heavy metals and other toxis substances accumulate in the animals, thretening their fitness for human consumtion, Also, the animals fertility and survivability are affected by pollution.

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