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Quick and easy battered chops

By admin

The loins or backstrap or used for this dish.

* Remember the tips and trim all fat and gristle from the portions.

* Take the backstraps and slice it into 1/3 of an inch thick chops.

* Salt and pepper or season the chops to your liking.

* Prepare to dip the chops in one cup milk and one egg mixed together.

* The chops will then be placed and rolled in flour.

* Then drop them in some hot grease. Won't take long to cook if completely covered with grease, maybe 5 minutes.

* Cook till no red juices are left in the meat and the outside is browned.

* Serve with southern gravy, bread and vegetables.

To make it even quicker you can simply season the chops and drop them in a frying pan with bacon grease. Cook till slightly brown and serve same as above.

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