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Wolf and Coyote Hunting

Alberta Winter Wolf and Coyote Hunting

By Lowell W. Davis

We are a full time outfitting company that prides itself on repeat clients and good honest service. As professional outfitters, we want you to experience a relaxing, enjoyable hunt in areas with great game and good friends.

Winter Wolf Hunts - We offer winter wolf hunts in northwestern Alberta. Our six day predator hunts run from January to March each year. We have been guiding wolf hunts since 1996. During that time, we have been consistently successful in providing our hunters with opportunities to harvest wolves and coyotes. Our success has been about 90%, with some hunters having multiple opportunities to take a wolf.

The use of logging and oil roads in the area gives us access to large areas of country, even in the deep snows of winter. Many of the areas we hunt adjoin private ranches where wolf and coyotes regularly prey on cattle. Therefore, the landowners are more than happy to assist us and allow us to operate on their property

Wolf hunts take place at baited sites with heated blinds. Tracking and calling of wolf packs is also effective when conditions are favorable. Expect your shots to be 200 yards when sitting in a blind and closer when calling wolves or coyotes. While in your blind, the guides will be out looking for sign and checking the other baits, making sure that all hunters are in the best location to have a successful hunt.

We would love to speak with you about our hunts and the dates we have available. Call our toll free number or visit our website. We have lots of pictures and references as well.

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